Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Incompetent Managers

Here is a link to an article that I found on incompetent managers: http://www.stumbleupon.com/su/3iwq5H/www.fastcompany.com/resources/talent/heffernan/10-signs-incompetent-managers-102307.html%253Fpage%253D0%252C0

You may want to read the 10 habits, but in case you don't, I'll summarize here. Let it be said that we will all recognize at least some of these traits in managers that we have had ... and perhaps managers that we have been.

  1. Inaction: the status quo is easier than change
  2. Secrecy: we can't tell the staff
  3. Over-sensitivity: it's easier to avoid a problem than to address it
  4. Love of procedure: following rules to the exclusion of good business practice
  5. Preference for weak candidates (I have to admit I've never seen this one): fear of hiring someone better than you
  6. Focus on small tasks: covering up one's inability to do anything truly useful
  7. Allergy to deadlines: Nuf Sed
  8. Inability to hire former employees: none would want to work for that manager
  9. Addiction to consultants: or inability to get things done by themselves
  10. Working extra long hours: might this mean an inability to utilize staff?

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  1. Geez, this sounds like Washington D.C.

    Thanks John. Great blog.