Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Europeans Want Pensions -- Do US Workers as Well?

In a survey of more than 7500 workers across 10 of the leading economies in Europe, Aon Hewitt found that 49% of workers would give up some of their pay for a more generous pension, 35% would take greater health or disability insurance in lieu of some pay, and 26% would give up some pay to be able to deposit it in to a savings plan for some future expense such as a home.

Do American workers think the same way?

With all of the press garnered by generous public and Congressional pensions, this writer believes that most workers yearn for far more retirement security than they currently have, even if it means that they need to give up some level of current compensation. In my next post, I'll touch briefly on some of the issues that I think are at the root of this issue.

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