Friday, November 19, 2010

Retirement Aspirations Around the World

The HSBC group conducted a similar study, "HSBC Future of Retirement." It surveyed over 11,000 people around the world and published a thorough analysis about how individuals in various cultures perceive a typical retirement. Among its findings:
* Canadians view their later years as a time of reinvention, ambition and close relationships with friends and family.
* Americans view their later years as a time for opportunity, new careers and spiritual fulfillment, but are less focused on family or health than are people in other countries.
* The French view these years as a time of dreams and aspirations, but also as a time of worry, and they are concerned about being a burden to their families.
* The British view later life as a time of self-sufficiency, independence and personal responsibility, counting on neither government nor family to care for them.
* Brazilians view later life as a time for slowing down, relaxing and spending time with their families, relatives, and friends, and they expect significant support from their children.
* Mexicans see it as a time for continued work and hard-earned financial stability.
* In China, younger generations view retirement as an opportunity for a new life but continued careers, while older generations want to stop working and relax. All Chinese people view family as an important source of happiness and support.
* Respondents from Hong Kong view it as a time for rest, relaxation and the enjoyment of accumulated wealth, which is seen as the cornerstone of well-being.
* Respondents from India view later life as a time to live with and be cared for by their families.
* The Japanese look forward to their later years as a time of good health, family considerations and continued fulfillment from work.

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